Taking a cooking class from Pascale Beale can be one of those game changing moments in your life. She demystifies classic cooking techniques, shopping for local ingredients and exemplifies entertaining with style, grace and ease. And her Menu For All Seasons cookbooks are an absolute treasure. They live on my coffee table, they get used in my kitchen and they inspire me to no end.

— Krista

Whether it's a technique; a tip for planning, catering or entertaining; a new flavor combination; or fascinating information about the culinary world, I have always learned something new in Pascale's class — and enjoyed the hands-on experience of creating a spectacular meal in the comfort of Pascale's kitchen. And the boxed set is ideal for beginning and experienced cooks alike, as well as for food aficionados and bibliophiles. Pascale's writing is warm and inspiring, and the magnificent photos are themselves a feast. The recipes are accessible, easy to follow, and result in dishes fit for even the most discriminating diners in the finest restaurants. Pascale decades of experience, extraordinary palate, impeccable taste and commitment to quality shine through in all of her classes, books and products.

— Harriet

Although I don't consider myself an avid cook, I have taken very informative and fun classes with Chef Pascale, and constantly refer to recipes in her glorious cookbooks to great acclaim. For which I always take the credit!

— Corinna

I now know how to properly filet a fish thanks to Pascale! I have also learned to prepare many an outstanding meal, step by step.

— Yumi

I have had the pleasure of attending many of Pascale's cooking classes. She is an exquisite teacher, always accommodating to differing levels of knowledge and skills. The hands on experience allows for every individual to practice what is being taught. Then, of course, the indulging in the finished creation by sitting around a delightfully set table, sharing the flavours of her unique recipes, provides one a most memorable time!

— Suzon

The atmosphere is always comfortable and friendly. The gourmet dinner party setting is informative and inspiring, yet informal enough to feel like it's a private cooking lesson with just you and your ten new best friends... Whether you intend to improve your love of cooking or just practice your love of eating, Pascale's Kitchen Cooking Classes have something to offer every level of cook.

— Michele W.

Pascale guides all her students, from the novice to the seasoned cook, through recipes that are inspired by the freshness of our own Farmer's Markets, locally caught fish  and organic ingredients. Small class sizes allow each participant to get in and do the work. Everyone learns alongside Pascale with her warm smile and wealth of knowledge. She is a natural in the kitchen and her comfort and ease is passed on to you as you master new skills without even realizing it! Her stories entertain and help you remember little tips along the way.

The range of gift items as well as useful kitchen tools and serving pieces fit any budget or kitchen size. Unique items you can't find unless you travel the globe yourself are easily available through Pascale. If you need a hostess gift or a gift for that someone "who has everything," Pascale's kitchen is the place to find it!

I collected all four cookbooks years before meeting Pascale. I tried new recipes each season and was surprised  with the ease and simplicity in the kitchen and delighted with the meals I served my guests. Using the freshest local organic ingredients is a pure pleasure and a secret to a delicious meal that will awe guests and nourish the soul!!!

— Christie

Ann Marie and Pascale have transformed my marriage. In the old days my wife had trouble preparing cornflakes. She used to boil them in the packets. Within a month of meeting our Mediterranean friends she was preparing delicious, original three course meals at the drop of a hat. Seriously, it is extraordinary what can be achieved by the steady acquisition of traditional European cooking skills. Thank you Ann Marie and Pascale.

— John Cleese

I was introduced to the cooking classes years ago, so when I’m in town I make it a point to attend. Pascale makes every meal a great learning experience along with fine dining, great wine and good company.

— LeAnn

I love the classes—they’re relaxed, fun and very informative! They feel like going over to a friend’s house and sipping wine while we talk and cook dinner together. In this case, the friend just happens to be a fabulous chef who loves to share her knowledge of cooking and products. After all the preparation is complete, I thoroughly enjoy sitting down at a beautifully appointed table with other members of the class and enjoying our delicious meal. Why go to a fabulous restaurant when you can take a class at PK?

— Marlene

Pascale’s professionalism, combined with her wonderful sense of humor, makes her cooking classes not only informative but also very fun. Pascale makes everyone feel at home and I always come away with fabulous recipes and the ability to make them. I love the whole menu format as well. And all her PK products are absolutely the best.

— Mary Jane

I have been taking classes from Pascale for almost ten years now. I have not only learned a tremendous amount of information from Pascale, but have thoroughly enjoyed each and every class. Pascale shares so much, and with each class I learn something new and different—from where to buy the best meat in town, to where to buy the best copperware in Paris, as well as all her favorite places in St. Tropez! Not to mention all the wonderful products that Pascale's Kitchens produces. I can’t imagine making salmon without her lemon olive oil. Or roasting tomatoes without her Italian herb mixture. There is so much to learn from Pascale, and I now have the pleasure of taking classes with my daughters. Another generation of students of Pascale's Kitchen!

— Melinda G.

I have enjoyed the cooking classes for years—they renew my curiosity and creativeness in the kitchen and they’ve definitely made me a better cook. Several of the recipes made in class have become family favorites. The products make my Christmas shopping easier every year and now my friends across the country are hooked too!

— Leesa W.

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